10 Ways to Keep Deer Out of Your Garden

deer in garden

Oh, deer! How can you keep deer out of your plants? Here are 10 simple, easy-to-understand methods you can use to keep them out of your garden and out of your property!

  1. The Egg Technique

Surprisingly, an egg added to a cup of water, blended, and fermented for several days can actually keep deer out of your yard. You just have to pour or sprinkle them over the plants that attract deer. You can even add one clove of garlic or place crushed garlic in old stockings and hang them in shrubs or trees.

  1. Counterattack deer with hair.

Place human hair in a bag. Make sure they’re in sections of old nylons. Close the bag tightly and place these bags around your garden. You’ll be surprised by how this slightly questionable trick works! Just be sure you replace them every month.

  1. Grow deer-repellent plants.

Filling the entrance of your yard with onions, garlic, thyme, and mint is a great idea. You can also plant sage, catmint, and lavender.

  1. Give your garden a hot drizzle.

You can also drizzle your plants with DIY hot pepper spray. If you don’t have any recipe for this task, you can just mix the following ingredients:

  • 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil

  • 4-5 tablespoons of cayenne pepper

  • 1 gallon of water

  1. Purchase commercial products.

If DIY isn’t your thing, you can buy commercial products like Deer Out, Deer Off, or Liquid Fence. These products should be reapplied on a regular basis. The bad side is that they can be washed off when you water your plants or when it rains.

  1. Use the power of ammonia, fish meal, chicken feathers, or fabric softener strips.

It’s safe to avoid using dried blood because even though they shoo the deer away, they can lure predators to your property.

  1. Soap them away!

Scented soaps aren’t just for your body needs. They can also serve as deer repellent! Just poke a hole big enough for a string to pass through the bar soap and hang that in a tree. If hanging soaps are not your type. You can grate them with a long-grain grater then shave the soap around the seedlings that haven’t appeared yet. If this is too tiring for you, you can cut them into cubes and place them into the ground so that they’re surrounding new plants. This way, the deer cannot munch your budding plants. What makes soap even more amazing is that it can last for more or less a month! It won’t affect the plants even if the rain disintegrates it. The soap also shoo the bugs and aphids in the soil away by dehydrating them. The best soaps for the job are organic ones that have a strong aroma. They also maintain that sweet fragrance of your flowers. Reading the label is also recommended because tallow, a soap ingredient made from animal fatty acids, is certified to keep the deer away. Be careful about other ingredients like coconut oil because it lures them.

  1. Let the corn and peas do their magic.

Keep corns, and peas harvested, then till them under the soil. Remember, ripe fruits and vegetables invite deer.

  1. Set up a fence with deer netting.

You can make cages for individual plants using mesh or wire. Cover the top of the cage for maximum protection too! You can also protect trees with protective trunk wrap.

  1. Block them with a deer barrier.

You can make your own deer barrier using trellises and solid hedges so that they won’t see what’s in your garden. And they won’t be lured by something they can’t see.

At the end of it all, you can use one or more method to make sure that deer will be kept out of your garden. For instance, the 10th method may keep the deer out for a while but if they can smell the plants, that method won’t be enough. You can combine it with the 3rd or 7th method to be sure.

Just a side note, I’ve heard from some people that the noise of their inverter generator can actually scare the deer. We haven’t tested this, and cannot confirm this, but it’s definitely worth a try.