12 Kitchen Hacks to Help You Keep Organized

Maintaining your kitchen can be a real challenge especially when you have to fix leaking faucets and clogged drains, not to mention replacing kitchen gadgets that are no longer useful. You might not own the smartest home improvement technologies, but you can be smart on your cheap way with these hacks.

  1. List the content of your cabinets.

Use a small chalkboard and stick it on the outside of your cabinet door. Now you don’t have to open each cabinet just to look for a single utensil!

  1. spice rackMake a Spice Rack Organizer

Who knew a simple woodworking project could be so helpful? All you have to do is get your saw and get your hands working. Organize your spices the right way and say good bye to rolling spices.

  1. Use an old Pringles can to store your plastic bags.

Keep those plastic bags organized by overlapping their ends with each other so that when you pull one from an old but clean Pringles can, the next one will come right up. You can also recycle an empty can of disinfectant wipes.

  1. Say hello to rolling shelves.

They can be kept in corners, allowing you to maximize the kitchen space. Rolling shelves are trendy and therefore are easy to find. But you can make one yourself if you wish.

  1. Install a magnetic strip.

Magnetic strip for kitchen storage

Running out of drawer or counter space? Store your knives, scissors, and other items made of metal using a magnetic strip. This won’t only give you a lot of counter and drawer space; it’ll keep them out of reach for small children.

  1. Put magnetic racks to the sides of your refrigerator.

If you have a small kitchen, this is one of the most efficient yet simplest hacks ever.

  1. Hang the mugs.

It’s not your fault if you do not have much space in your kitchen left, but it’ll be your fault if you don’t keep your kitchen pleasant to look at! Hang your mugs, and you’ll be surprised by how much space you can save.

White mugs

  1. Place adhesive hooks on the insides of your cabinet doors.

Can’t find an area for your pots’ lids? Easy! Use adhesive hooks to store them inside your cabinet.

  1. Use magazine racks to organize the fridge.

Too many bottles or packs? Organize them using a magazine rack. Who says you can’t place them in there?

  1. Give the kitchen some tension.

Get a tension rod and place it under your sink to make sure your cleaning materials are organized.

  1. Recycle tin cans for utensils.

Clean and paint old tin cans, and use them to store your tools or baking materials.

  1. Food packed in TupperwarePack your food and meat in Tupperware.

Arrange your food or meat in the freezer using Tupperware. Be sure to place the older ones in front so they will be consumed first. Labelling them is also a genius idea. That way, you won’t need to grab and open every container just to find the right one.