7 Smart Home Improvement Technologies and Trends

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  1. Voice Control. By now you could turn on lights, control thermostats, and play music using just your voice! With the development of voice control, you can just sit back and relax while listening to music. You don’t even have to walk right up to a light switch to turn it off now! Amazon Alexa, NEST, Lutron, and Sonos are the leading companies that make almost everything voice-controllable. It makes the management of certain facets in your home easier.

  2. Bigger touch panels. Back then iPads changed the way homeowners controlled their homes. But now, it seems like touch panels are trying to make a comeback. They’re bigger, having 12-inch, fully colored screens and are preferred as a home control dashboard. That’s because an iPad has a lot of functions other than controlling or managing home features. Touch panels, on the other hand, have more specific and fewer functions such as giving commands and managing lights, A/V equipment, thermostats, and more. They even display the status of the said devices. And because they’re bigger, a lot of information can easily be seen compared to an iPad or to other tablets.

  1. Versatile Viewing Options. Surround sound speakers, wide and even curved screens, and other components comprise most home theaters today. However, customers seem to yearn for something better, more modern, and sometimes smaller. That’s why these days, screen manufacturers have developed a new trend. They now offer short throw projectors that can be built into cabinetry. They consume less space—half, actually—than a traditional video projector. There are even screens that look like they’re floating mid-air! Some brands even have screens that are less than an inch thick and can be attached to and detached from a wall like a sticker. Viewing movies has never been more innovative.

  1. Indoor Air Quality Monitoring. I’m sure you’ve heard of sensors that monitor humidity, carbon dioxide, and volatile organic compounds levels. Today, they can even filter out bad or toxic air! These sensors can keep the air inside your home healthy and clean for your family and visitors.

  1. Integration. Nowadays, house systems are being integrated for convenience and better home experience these systems allow you to access heating, lights, security, and other features with a touchscreen. Each room cane even be integrated with its ken cameras, HVAC, audio, video, lighting, security, and gate access. With this technology, a customer can control all these subsystems from 21 different user interfaces in the home. All controls are in a single touchscreen. One can easily control the cameras, the movie theater, and even the warming up of your hot tub can be done with a single click!

  1.  Self-Cleaning Toilets. Even toilets get upgraded these days! Thanks to the development of built-in bidets, toilets can now clean themselves for you and they can even do better than you! You don’t have to deal with the dirty, disgusting job anymore! Toilets such as Toto’s Neorest 750H Intelligent Toilet, are now integrated with Actilight Cleansing Technology which begins by pre-misting the bowl before every use. This technology prevents waste from adhering or sticking to the bowl. Then, after every flush, the bowl will be sprayed with electrolyzed water. This water contains a slightly acidic pH value and this keeps the bowl clean and fresh for longer. A UV light is even included in the seat which is said to speed up the decomposition of inorganic substances in the bowl. Also consider the latest Veil Intelligent Wall-Hung Toilet from Kohler which uses UV light and an electrolyzed water system as well.

  1. Indoor Gardening. If all other appliances inside the home can be improved, the ones outside your house can get an upgrade too! Presently, you can install an irrigated indoor garden such as the Urban Cultivator. It’s climate-controlled and is as small as an under cabinet wine chiller. It’s perfect for places where outdoor gardening is tough and a little close to impossible. They can be placed in the garage or near the kitchen. All you need is water and electrical lines since this tech consists of everything you need for hydroponic growing. Of course, it’s expensive, amounting to $2,500 a unit. But it’s all worth it when you consider the cost of artisanal greens on the market. In September this year, an indoor recycler from Whirlpool called Zera Food Recycler will be available. It combines heat, moisture, oxygen, and the process of mixing to accelerate the decomposition process of food waste. A week’s worth of waste can be converted into a ready-to-use fertilizer in just 24 hours! It may cost you a lot, but it’s one of the best home improvement technologies that is environmentally friendly.