The 8 Tools A Gardener Must Have

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All gardeners must have tools. Tools are like the bullets of the sniper, the pen of the writer, and the vehicle of the driver. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to work.

There are countless tools out there but let me just require you with the most needed ones. Here we go!

  1. A Hori-Hori – This tool isn’t just entertaining to say, it’s also very useful for gardening. The hori-hori is a hybrid of knife and trowel. It can dig, cut, and weed! It’s one of the best hand tools you’ll come across with. Several companies offer this garden tool.

  1. Pruners – Sharp pruners = good pruners. Don’t settle with ones that get blunted after just a few uses. You can check the quality by reading reviews or asking your family and friends what they recommend. But of course, you can always trust Corona, Felco, and Fiskars for your gardening needs. You also have to consider the durability and the comfort it has. You can go and try other models before you purchase one. It’s safe to choose from a number of pruners—it will give you a higher chance of finding the one. So, just to sum it up, when you’re looking for pruners, remember to check for the sharpness, durability, and comfort.

  1. Radius Ergonomic Shovel – This is probably one of the tools you’ll constantly use. This particular shovel is heavy and sharp. Its handle is light and is made of fiberglass. Because it’s also ergonomic, getting a grip is easy. Radius tools are even recommended for those with arthritis.

  1. Compression Gloves – In gardening, your hands will do all the work. So you need protection for them. You also wouldn’t want them to get all filthy. Gloves can also bring comfort for your hands especially when your existing tools do not have ergonomic handles.

  1. Gardening Apron – This is a must-have because you’ll be spending your time digging, weeding, and basically dealing with soil. That’s why you need this to cover up and avoid dirt from sticking to your clothes. Plus, an apron consists of pockets, some even have several for your tools. Imagine going back and forth your toolbox just to get what you need! It’s going to be tiring. Having your tools at hand and literally on you is convenient. It doesn’t matter if you buy or sew your own, as long as it’s sturdy and fits right.

  1. Hand Weeder – A hand weeder has a sharp, thin blade that, obviously as the name implies, removes shallow-rooted weeds. Its long handles are perfect for reaching far weeds annoying your garden beds. Check out Grampa’s Weeder and you’ll see what I mean.

  1. Water Breaker – This tool is for irrigating nee plantings or soaking the planted ones. I recommend Dramm Handi-Wand.

  1. Knee Saver – Unless you want your knees to suffer, then get a knee saver. This pad can allow you to kneel on it when you need to work on the ground. You can also flip its frame and sit on the seat when you prune. You can buy Gardener’s Supply Company garden kneeler. It will only cost you $35.