12 Kitchen Gadgets That You Must Have

kitchen accessories

The Prep Pad: The Intelligent Scale The Prep Pad is both a cutting pad and a digital weight scale. It syncs with your smartphone and informs you the exact breakdown of the nutrients, even the caloric values, of the food you’re weighing. The CoverBlubber This silicone lid works with any container. It’s flexible; stretching to […]

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How to Clear a Clogged Drain (Step by Step)

kitchen sink drain

A clogged drain slows down household chores and makes you worry. If you’re having this problem, you might have abused your kitchen drain line by doing one or all of these: Dumping coffee grounds or bacon grease into the drain (This is wrong because they will block the drain once they solidify.) Not running a […]

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5 Simple Steps to Fix a Leaking Faucet


It’s not only annoying; a leaking faucet is also a waste of water! Every drop counts. That is why you should fix your faucet as soon as possible before it turns into a bigger problem. Let’s begin! You’ll need: • an adjustable wrench; C-wrench • Phillips and/or flathead screwdriver • Penetrating oil, such as WD-40 […]

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7 Smart Home Improvement Technologies and Trends

smart lock

Voice Control. By now you could turn on lights, control thermostats, and play music using just your voice! With the development of voice control, you can just sit back and relax while listening to music. You don’t even have to walk right up to a light switch to turn it off now! Amazon Alexa, NEST, […]

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17 Tools A Homeowner Must Own


Allow me to present them in alphabetical order. Adjustable Crescent Wrench. This is perfect for fitting bolts and nuts of any size. Because this is adjustable, it may be the only wrench you need at home. They come in various shapes and kinds but opt for one that’s self-ratcheting. Broom and dustpan. All homeowners should […]

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7 Seed-Starting Tips You Must Know as a Gardener

seed starting

Seed-starting may sound a little overwhelming with all the responsibilities attached to its name. But hey, don’t worry. These tips will surely help you be the gardener you ought to be. USE THE RIGHT SOIL. Settling with cheap soil may not be a good decision. If you want your seeds to germinate and grow beautifully, […]

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Fallen Leaves Are Garden Gold, NOT Your Enemy

fallen leaves

In a second I’ll tell you why fallen leaves are gold. But for now, let me define the term “leaf mold” since I’ll be using it a lot for this post. You might know what it is but I’ll just assume some of you don’t. It’s the combination of fallen leaves and dark, brittle compost. […]

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How You Should Protect Your Garden from Frost

garden frost

  Having trouble with frost? Don’t worry, I’ll go straight to the point because no gardener wants his plants to get too cold! One of the effective strategies is to cover your plants until the covers reach the soil. Doing this before nightfall is necessary. Otherwise, the cover will be useless. You don’t have to […]

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4 Ways to Prevent Mushrooms from Growing in your Garden

The mushiness of mushrooms is something gardeners do not enjoy. They can be removed using different methods like mowing over them and breaking them off. Sounds a little brutal right? But do you know that mushrooms only show up when your soil is healthy? So their existence means your soil is rich in organic matter […]

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8 Reasons Why Raised Gardening Beds Are Best

raised garden beds

You’ll have fewer problems with soil compaction. Walking on beds and tamping down of soil can be prevented when your beds are raised. If you have cats or dogs, however, they can still roll over and dig up the soil. Soil gets compacted when it rains too. This is because flooding can occur. The wet […]

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