How Does a Grow Light Accelerate Cannabis Growth?

Cannabis growth rate depends on a lot of factors. Ideally, it is best planted in a natural setting — outdoors with plenty of sunshine to help it grow at its normal pace. But not all people can grow the plant, whether for medical or recreational use, outside. Lack of space for a marijuana garden is often one of the chief reasons. Not to mention other considerations that make growing cannabis indoors seem like the best option.

Growing cannabis indoors may have its advantages. But the lack of sunlight can be a serious disadvantage. If grown inside, it would require the right amount of lighting which may vary throughout its growing stages. So how can a cannabis grower deal with this hurdle? Choosing the right grow light would be a good start.

cannabisLED grow lights are among the most popular picks for cannabis growers. They come in different sizes and may vary in form and the results they produce. But they have plenty of advantages one of which is the built-in cooling feature that prevents heat from pushing directly onto the plants which could damage them. This makes it a cooler option than high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps or bulbs which usually require a separate cooling arrangement to protect the plants from being overheated. LEDs are also easy to install and use. You can either plug it directly into the wall or hang it over the plants.

But LED lamps may also be tricky to use, especially for first-time users. While they are cooler than other types of bulbs, they could still produce a substantial amount of heat which might need to be vented out.

Some who have used LEDs to grow marijuana also observed smaller yields compared with plants cultivated with high pressure sodium (HPS) grow lights. For better yields, some growers experiment by using a combination of LEDs and HPS or HID grow lights to accelerate cannabis growth. The good news is that many of the latest models of LEDs are designed to provide broad spectrum lighting that improves on the previous purely red and blue light options. Some even include features that allow light to seep or penetrate directly onto the plants. These innovations have resulted in improvement for the health and quality of the buds.

Whatever type of lighting is used, however, the important thing is to choose one that best fits the specific needs and desired results of the grower. LEDs would be a great pick for those looking for a more customized lighting spectrum and prefer to work with grow lights that are fairly easy to install and use. They are also best suited for those who want to focus more on growing quality plants than yields.

Growing cannabis, from planting to usage, takes about three to a little over six or seven months. There are several factors to speed up the process including the plant strain, expected yields, and the method used to grow the plants. All these should be carefully considered before picking the right grow lights that can help accelerate the process.